Our Story

Affirm Your Transformation is a personal transformation brand, founded & created by Thomas Ng.

One day, Thomas was looking at his large bathroom mirror, not feeling particularly great, and wishing there's something he can do instantly to raise his energetic vibration.

As a lifelong student & proponent of spirituality & its healing powers, Thomas believes in the
power of affirmations & its ability to manifest the experience you want in your life.
The idea was birthed.
There CAN be a way.

A Practical Way for you to talk to yourself everyday & lift yourself up.
One where you not only FEEL GOOD doing it, but you feel better each & every day.
One where you don't "forget" to do, which stunts progress.


The Power of Affirmation & Transformation in Physical Form.
A New Skin.
A New Identity you wear Everyday.

Mirror Affirmation Shirts:
A Magical Tool for you to Affirm Your Transformation,
so that you can Manifest the Change you want to See.
Ready to Dive In?
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