About Me

My name is Thomas Ng, Founder of Self-Love apparel brand, Affirm Your Transformation.
I'm also a Spiritual Self-Love Coach.

I have a Passion for helping others cultivate more Self-Love & Self Acceptance for themselves, so they can lead healthier lives mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Through years of Personal Experience & Study in the fields of Spirituality, Personal Development, Self-Love, Human Dynamics, Psychology & Relationships, I have formed a Solid Foundation from which I can now help others achieve the Peace, Stability, Self Love, Healing & Progress that so many are seeking.

This led to the launch of my Self-Love apparel brand Affirm Your Transformation, as well as my Spiritual Self-Love Coaching private practice.

Affirm Your Transformation helps people create more Self Love, increase Self Esteem and experience greater Self Acceptance via Innovative Apparel Items using Scientific concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) & Self-Image Correction, and Spiritual concepts of activating Affirmations by declaring them with Emotion.

Paired with my Self-Love Coaching (as needed) to dig deeper into Root Causes and Heal Core Wounds, I offer Solutions for Self-Love & Emotional Healing that are both necessary and affordable.

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