Spiritual Self-Love Coaching

Looking for Private One-on-One Self-Love Coaching?

  • Do you have a gnawing feeling of unresolved emotional issues that irritates you or changes your mood unexpectedly at times?
  • Do you have unresolved traumas that's keeping you from living your Best Life, a Life of Joy & Freedom?
  • Do you often feel Self-Conscious, and know that you may struggle with issues of Self Love, Self Acceptance and Self Esteem?

These are signs that show receiving Spiritual Self-Love Coaching may be helpful for you.

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Quick Bio about Me
My name is Thomas Ng, Founder of Self-Love apparel brand, Affirm Your Transformation.
I also offer Spiritual Self-Love Coaching.

I have spent years on my own Journey in Spirituality, Personal Development, Self-Love, Human Dynamics, Psychology & Relationships, where I have formed a Solid Foundation from which I can now help others achieve the Peace, Stability, Self Love, Healing & Progress that so many are seeking.

I am honored to say that I have made significant impact in my clients' lives.
See below for Client Testimonials!

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with me to get some clarity and insight.

What my Coaching Sessions would be like:
As a heart-centered practitioner, I always lead with Kindness, Compassion and Understanding.

That means, in my sessions, there will be a lot of listening on my end with an intention to understand, discussing issues without judgment, and going on a journey with you to discover & understand Root Causes, so we can access & activate Healing together.

Coaching Sessions with me is a Partnership, where Mutual Trust & Faith are required, and Open Communication & Feedback are necessary.

What my Clients say about Me:

  • "You listen, have compassionate responses, and offer good, reasonable solutions."
  • "You're patient & empathic, and sat with me in my stuff."
  • "You offer spiritually & psychologically sound feedback."
  • "Your love, wisdom & compassion comes through, even through Zoom."
  • "You're divinely intelligent, and you helped reveal my Hidden, Internalized Beliefs that’s been held for a long time." 

My Self-Love Coaching Testimonials:

Ambessa Cantave recommends Affirm Your Transformation     Affirm Your Transformation: Lola Leisure Testimonial

Spiritual Self-Love Coaching Pricing
(Sliding Scale available for those who need it) :

  • Single 1 Hour Session (via Video or Phone) - USD $200
  • Package of 4 Sessions of 1 Hour Each (via Video or Phone) -
    USD $800 $700 ($100 IN SAVINGS!
    • Use and Schedule your sessions any time! 
    • Weekly or Biweekly Sessions are suggested to allow time to do Inner (Home)Work, while maintaining consistent progress on your Self Love Journey.
    • Unused/Undelivered sessions are refunded upon request on a prorated basis.
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I am not a licensed psychologist or therapist, and do not practice or operate like in a traditional psychotherapy session. My sessions are geared towards Holistic Healing, and may include Mindful Relaxation or a Guided Meditation.

Depending on your Goal Objectives, my Coaching Methods most likely resemble that of a Life Coach or Spiritual Guide/Counselor/Practitioner. My Goal is to inspire & empower your Self Love & Personal Transformation.
If you have any questions regarding what sessions with me would be like, please feel free to email me at thomas@affirmyourtransformation.com or simply use the Contact Form here.