FEEL the MAGIC of "MIRROR" Affirmation Shirts,
for YOU to SEE, EMBODY & AFFIRM Yourself in front of the MIRROR.

What Deep Quality is Your Heart & Soul yearning to Manifest?

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Not just words. But a Portal to your Transformation.

Here's How

The Shirt is designed to Break Old Patterns of Limiting Beliefs, and Transform/Empower YOU to the
Next Level
of Self-Love, Healing & Empowerment.

This is an Active, Living Affirmation for your Inner World to FEEL & Manifest.

It's like....a talisman.

Activated by your Belief, Conviction and the FEELING tone you charge with it every time you wear it and Declare the Affirmation, you EMBODY & ACCEPT this (New) Idea about Yourself, and FEEL your Inner World Shift to a place of Greater Self Love, Self Acceptance & Internal Healing.

I'm ready to Transform

Reprogram your Mind. Manifest your Desire.

The Science

The Most Powerful Force in the World that gets anybody to do anything is their Beliefs, more specifically, the Belief they have about themselves. It's called Self Image.

The reason why our Mirror Affirmation Shirts are so Powerful & Effective is because we utilize & employ the Scientific concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) & Psycho-Cybernetics to create a New Self Image.

The more we see something (like the text on our Mirror Affirmation Shirts) and the more we repeat it out loud (Auto-Suggestion), the more we ingrain it into our SubConscious Mind with this New Idea.
Thus, creating New, Healthier Beliefs about Ourselves that generate more Self Love & Self Esteem that we can FEEL GOOD about!

I'm ready to manifest

"Affirmations are one of my most transformative tools.
Affirm Your Transformation's mirror T-shirt is giving me the opportunity to up level my transformational work."

Pam G.

β€œIt’s time to start making people understand that it’s a privilege to be in your life.
Shoutout to Thomas for creating this dope sweater, helping me remember that I deserve my love & effort the most. We all know that can be forgotten easily. β€οΈπŸ™"

Tabitha S.

The "I AM WORTHY" Shirt has been an Unexpected Blessing in my life! πŸ’–πŸ’– It has been such an aid in my Transformation, Healing and developing more Self Love. Every time I wear it, I feel how comfortable and soft it is. 😊😊 Seeing these wonderful words in the mirror, I'm reminded of this Truth and this Love that has been inside all along! πŸ₯°πŸ₯° I highly, highly recommend anything from Affirm Your Transformation! ❀️❀️

Amber R.

"When I put on my t-shirt affirming that
I am immediately lifted into a higher level of awareness
and consciousness.Β  I become enveloped in a warm and gentle love that
allows me to love myself and others even more.Β  My day is made more
lively and more lovely.Β  This t-shirt is a remarkable resource for
raising my spiritual vibration and energy.Β  I am so grateful to have
it.Β  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Tocosa O.

"The letters are printed on backwards, so when I pass the mirror, I see this message. #clever
And people see it and do a double take. πŸ‘€
I love surrounding myself with positive thoughts,
I love graphic shirts, I love looking cute. ❀️🌺❀️🌺"

Nancy M.

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