What's the inspiration behind the brand name: Affirm Your Transformation?
The Foundational Belief behind our brand Affirm Your Transformation is that Each Person has the Power to Transform their own lives, no matter where they're at currently, by Removing Negative & Limiting Beliefs and Affirming the Positive Transformation they would like to experience. Through the use of Personalized Embodied Affirmations, the Wearer/Activator is able to Speak the Words they're wearing into existence (their New Truths) and manifest a reality they would like to experience in their lives: Greater Love, Greater Joy and Greater Self Acceptance.

Why are your Specialized Affirmation Shirts so powerful and effective?
Because the POWER lies in you.
YOU are a Powerful Being who can completely transform your life with your mind, your thoughts & your beliefs.

By employing and activating our talisman (our Mirror Affirmation Shirts), you are tapping into a zone where ALL POWER lies (the Divine) and creating transformations for your life.

Because you Wear & Embody the Affirmation on the Shirt, the Words You Wear becomes Who You Are (Your New Identity), and you're able to manifest the reality you want to experience through this new-found powerful belief.

How do I get the most out of your Specialized Affirmation Shirts and create Transformation in my life?
By wearing the shirts as often & as much as possible (during the day), and whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, Affirm (say out loud) those words and really FEEL it.
Charge It with your Emotions. Say it with POWER, MIGHT and BELIEF.
Do it as much as possible.

That is how you Affirm Your Transformation.

Why are your Affirmation Shirts in lower case letters?
Because we want to meet you at the tender heart space you may currently be in.
Lower Case letters speak more to the heart. It is a heart language that allows you to connect with your Spirit within, which brings forth the transformation you are seeking.

I deeply resonate with your brand and really believe this is The Key to bring forth my Transformation.
How many Affirmation Shirts should I buy?
The Gift of Transformation is definitely something that should be shared. It would be a great gift idea for those closest to you, especially friends who really need a motivational lift to generate more love within.

As for ordering for yourself, it would be a good idea to order at least 1 additional, so that you can still Affirm Your Transformation, while the other one is in the laundry hamper or currently being washed.

Do you offer any Promotions or Additional Bonuses?
Absolutely! Sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of the page) for Exclusive Sales opportunities, and get notified first on our Latest Updates & New Product Releases.

If you're a True Believer of our Magical Affirmation Products and have supported us by making a purchase, you are offered an Invitation to join Affirm Your Transformation's Magic Circle, an Exclusive Club where members can Share a Space with like-minded Manifesters, enjoy Unlimited Self Love questions answered, and where our founder Thomas Ng can go deeper on the NEXT LEVEL Magic you can use for your Personal Transformation!

If you haven't made a purchase yet, you're One Product Away from Transforming your Life!

I want to give back to the Community. Can you tell me more about your Donation/Assistance Program?
We believe everyone should be able to have access to our Powerful Transformation Tool to create Personal Transformation, regardless of available funds.

That's why we're making it easy for our Loving & Generous Customers to add in a Donation amount in the Payment Checkout Page if they are moved to give, so we can support those who are underprivileged & in need of a transformation on getting an Affirmation T-Shirt.

100% of Donations Received goes to this program.

How do I sign up for your Donation/Assistance Program?
If you are financially challenged and a True Believer & Supporter of our brand and would like to sign up for our Assistance Program to get a free or reduced price Specialized Affirmation T-Shirt, please send us an email at apply@affirmyourtransformation.com for details and to apply.