The Least Understood Self Love Foundation: Boundaries

See Red Flag 🚩after Red Flag 🚩? RING THE ALARM!! 🚨🚨

One of the Least Associated but Most Important Foundations for Self Love is BOUNDARIES!

You cannot effectively exercise Self Love without Boundaries.

These Boundaries are to ensure that OTHER PEOPLE (and also even Yourself) DON'T ABUSE YOU!

Loving yourself means Putting You First. ☝

It means cutting out the bullshit that you Do Not, Should Not, WILL NOT Tolerate!

Many of us have trouble with Practicing Self Love because we have trouble Setting, Communicating and Enforcing Boundaries.


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Right on time. Having trouble setting boundaries with my 11 year old gson who lives with me. He’s going through it, and I’ve let it disturb me. I notice if I set the boundary and keep my kindness and stay with him instead of leaving in anger/frustration, things calm down and we can come back to the love we have for each other. It’s tough. SO much easier to give in.

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