The Foundation for Self Love

What is the Primordial Belief about yourself that sets a Critical Foundation from which you build your Self Love?

That is First & Foremost.

Some of us know that we struggle with Worthiness & Insecurity, and it’s apparent in our thoughts, feelings & actions in our day-to-day life.

Others sweep it under their mental rug & choose not to deal with it or acknowledge it, and instead choose a perpetual substitute (drugs, parties, people, shopping, tv shows) to dull & distract them from the Pain & Feeling of Inadequacy.

To those People:
I want to give them a hug. 

I want to quiet their minds & spirits, and tell them: 

  • You Are Worthy.
  • You Are Loved.
  • There is a Reason & Purpose for your Existence.
  • You Matter.
  • You are Unique & Precious.

I want to direct them to Adam Roa’s video: You are Who you've been looking for

I want to tell them that it’ll be okay, that I am here for them, that the whole Affirm Your Transformation brand is here for them. That it’s dedicated and created for them. 

I want to tell them that I’ll be there every step of the way, and that our very first product is created for them to help them Know in their Core that They are Worthy.

Because I’m one of them.

I’m one of those people. I’m one of those who really needed this product.
I wasn’t able to find it anywhere, so I created it.
I created this product to save myself.

Now I’m going to use it to Save the World.

Depression & Despair are very real, especially to the ones suffering from it.
But know that there’s Hope, and Light at the end of the tunnel.

If this post touched you or resonated with you, please share this post with your loved ones, and those you know who can benefit from some TLC in Self Love, Self Worth & Self Esteem.

We’re all in this together.

Let's lend a helping hand & help others, because one day, we will need help as well.

I love you all!
Thank you for taking the time to read what’s on my heart.

Love & Gratitude for all of your Support! ❤️

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pamela grimm

Thank you for your experience—your vulnerability. You SHINE!!!

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