Self Love includes STANDING UP for Yourself!

Many people think Self Love is this soft, personal, ethereal thing that involves nobody else.

That's not entirely true.

Self Love is a Way of Living and a Way of Being in this world, where you don't allow anyone (including yourself) to harm or damage you in any way.
It is living and moving about in this world true to your values. 

Think of a parent's love for their child.

Yes, it includes hugs & kisses, and making sure the child's needs are met (mentally, emotionally and physically).

But it also includes protection of the child.

Protection against stranger danger, of the fast-moving traffic, and even psychological harm & bullying.

Self Love operates in the same way.

In addition to caring for yourself and your own needs, it is also shielding and guarding yourself from psychological & self-esteem harm, such was being taken advantage of, being treated disrespectfully, being manipulated and having your boundaries being encroached upon.

It includes STANDING UP for Yourself. 

For those needing Self Love, I know this is extremely hard to do.

Because it means speaking up and risking not being liked or loved.

But we need to remember that Doingness and Givingness of ourselves does not equate to receiving love in return. 

The Desire and Need for Love can be strong, but no one can give you the love that you need other than yourself. 

So Let Go of the Illusion and False Belief that the more you do for someone, the more that they will love you.

It's a trap!

Be Mindful...and STOP YOURSELF when you find yourself doing more & more for someone and realizing there's no reciprocity.


I hope all of this is helpful for you, as it comes from the heart and my own personal experience.

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With Love, Light, Joy, and Hope for a Brighter Future,

Your friendly neighborhood Self Love Coach,

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