"My Self Worth is NOT Negotiable."

POW! Did that land?

This is like the Mantra for Healthy Living and Healthy Relating to others.

Marinate on this quote. Don't let it fly past you.

What does this quote mean for you?

Everyone's specific answer to this question can be a bit different, based on your current circumstances.

If you integrate and embody this mantra in a Truthful, Authentic way to your Beingness, Full of Personal Integrity, you'll find that this quote has Immense Transformative Power.

For me, it means...

  • That I am never less than.
  • I am always equal to others. 
  • That I will not compromise my Values and Self-Worth for anyone
  • That I am Strong, Grounded, and Rooted in the Foundation of my Self Worth.
  • That I need no validation from anyone about my worth and my existence. 
  • That I am more than willing to walk away from anything and anyone that challenges this Personal Truth of mine.  


What does it mean for you?

Share your personal takeaways in the comments.

Let's speak Truth to Power! 


Always fighting for Your Self Worth,
Founder & Spiritual Self Love Coach,

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