Can I tell you a secret?

I didn't always love myself.

As a matter of a fact, it was so much the opposite that I felt like I was naturally prone to sadness and depression.

I used to wonder how I got like this..

I might have some idea:
When I was younger, I consciously held back from showing any emotions of joy whenever I felt it. 

Why? It felt uncool.
I didn't want to look uncool.
Crazy, right?

Little did I know it had long term repercussions based on this personal conditioning. 

But every challenge or "bad thing" we go through has a Silver Lining.
There's some good that can come from it, if you are willing to find it.

My "good" from that experience was:
It gave birth to this Self Love brand, Affirm Your Transformation. ❤️

You might wonder how did all of this Introspection and Reflection come up?

Well, to be quite honest, I just had a case of the blues.

If you know me, you know that I'm generally a Happy & Upbeat Person.

What gave me the blues?
Welp, I just realized something was off. Something shifted.

I had stopped wearing my Mirrored Sweatshirt with the message I needed the most.
And that is... I AM THE ONE WHO DESERVES MY LOVE THE MOST. makes so much sense now!!!

As SOON as I realized it and put it back on, I instantly felt MUCH BETTER!

It's as if all is right with my Internal World again.. 🥰🥰🥰


I don't know how you are at this moment.
I pray that all is well with you.

However, if it's not, if you're also feeling down, please remember to Go Back to Basics. 

Go back to what works.

It may be Prayer, Communing with God, Meditation, Affirmations,
or Wearing your Mirror Affirmation Shirts.


Whatever you do, don't forget your own Self Love and Self Care Ritual. 

It's what keeps us mentally and emotionally healthy. 


Until next time!

Your friendly neighborhood Self Love Coach,


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