Can I be completely honest with you?

Being an Entrepreneur is hard, especially the kind I'm striving to be:  
World Class Healer in the field of Personal Inner Transformation.

I don't mean hard as in: the work is tough, growing the brand and building an audience is difficult, and all the usual things that comes from building a brand and a business.

Those are a given.

What's even harder (for me) is Coming into the Realization that some of the people that I looked up to & admired & loved the most think & believe that what I do is stupid, useless and impactless.

THAT is what hurts the most.

(If you're completely new here, I apologize for this Honest Unload.
I promise you, I'm very good at what I do, as I have Testimonials to prove it.)

It is in this Sobering Realization that My Path is mine (and mine alone) to walk.

Nobody can walk it for me, and not many will understand (at least in the beginning stage), even those who I thought loved & cared for me the most. 

In a World where Money is often the Primary Objective, regardless if they're a business or a non-profit, it's disheartening to be misunderstood & be grouped in the pile where they believe making money is my primary objective.

Because it's not. 

It's Personal Transformation and Self-Love for all people globally.

I hope my Dream & Hope for this world is not too airy-fairy.

It is my prayer that I am able to continue this work, despite the challenges and lack of faith/support from those whom I looked up to or believed in. 


Yours truly,

Your friendly neighborhood Self Love Coach,
being human today,



Jen bramhall

My dad always preached “nothing in the world can take the place of persistence “. Don’t give up .

pamela grimm

Wow!!! I OVERstand! Thank you for sharing Your Truth. You’re right…your path is yours and yours alone. It doesn’t matter what others say or don’t say. No matter who they are or how much their opinion/approval matters to you. You have a gift – that’s yours. Continue to share it. Much love and light💜💜💜

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