A Short Story for PRIDE Month called: "So...why is it called PRIDE?"

To understand why, we have to go back to The Origins.

Once Upon a Time...
Not too long ago...
It may even still be happening now...

There are/were those (including their friends & family) who didn't accept them for Who They Really Are, their Sexual Orientation of being LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning/Queer, Intersex, Asexual).

And so, there was 1 word that described their experience of being shunned by those they loved, who were supposed to love them the most:


And so began the Young One's Journey towards
Self Discovery, Self Love, Self Acceptance

and their Discovery of the SUPERPOWER that counteracted the ridicule/hate/unacceptance from those who didn't understand their differences.

That SUPERPOWER is called


PRIDE is that ONE Single Word, Notion, Idea that encapsulates EVERYTHING that is Necessary for the "Different" "Minority" "Outcast" to Carry On, Stay Strong, Stay Grounded, Maintain their Sense of Self, and Stay Alive.

It is the COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE of Oneself, NO MATTER WHAT anyone says or do to them.

So the Next Time your ignorant, close-minded neighbors hate or ridicule "the homos" for prancing around for PRIDE, share with them this Origin Story, and remind them that WE'RE ALL HUMAN, with Our OWN Individual Struggles, and that we're MORE SIMILAR and CONNECTED in our Stories and Struggles than the EGO wants to make us believe.

whenever we STAND UP for the UNDERDOGS,
we Become THE HEROES.






I hope this Origin Story has been touching & inspirational for you. 🧡

No matter who you are and where you come from, please know that you're loved and accepted here. 🥰🤗

If you ever need someone to talk to, please know that I'm Only One Call Away.

Until then, Live your Best Life and Thrive! 

Your Supporter and Ally,
Founder & Spiritual Self Love Coach,

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