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The Founders of
Affirm Your Transformation 
NEBA (Not Easily Broken Apart) Ministry present:

Owning Your Power NOW!

An Ongoing Transformative Experience in the form of a Membership Club, focused on Learning, Growing, Healing and Stepping into Your Best Life by Owning Your Power NOW!

Founders Melanie Jeffers-Cameron and Thomas Ng, both Impactful and Passionate Spiritual Leaders in their own right, teams up and joins forces to provide a Phenomenal Learning, Integrating and Empowerment Experience to help YOU build a Solid Foundation of Self Love for Aligned Living, with Wisdom & Insights from both the male & female perspectives.

This Phenomenal Membership Experience is Designed to help YOU Heal and Grow, and Live Life beautifully.

The Membership Experience
consists of:

  • Mindfully-Selected book for Individual Reading, so we can come together as a group for Collaborative Integration
  • Social Half-Hour on Mondays at 7pm ET / 4pm PT to get to know and connect with your New Growth Family and recharging your Inner Batteries
  • Weekly Classes taught/hosted by founders Melanie Jeffers-Cameron and Thomas Ng, held on Zoom, on Monday evenings at 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT, starting Monday, February 20, 2023! 
  • Classes will be VALUE-PACKED and will last AT LEAST an hour per session.
    (If you're able to stay for longer, you get to absorb ALL of the Goodness and overflow your cup!)
  • Readings & Lessons are designed for absorption & integration.
    We will spend 2 Weeks per Chapter to allow for different reading speeds, and to also allow us time to fully learn & integrate into our lives for lasting transformation.
  • One Week for Reading/Learning and the Next Week for Homework, Integration and Application.
    First Week will be focused on Teaching Lessons & Insights from the Chapter.
    The Following Week will be focused on Dissecting the Assigned Homework, Group Shares and Collaborative Healing & Integration of the Lesson. And so on..
  • Learning Together and Being Supported by a Loving Group of Peers who gets you, what you're going through, and committed to Growing & Healing together.
  • Private Facebook Community to connect with your peers, share your revelations, insights & takeaways, and collaborate/brainstorm on homework assignments.
  • Access to Class Recordings to quickly catch up if you were to miss a class.

Owning Your Power NOW!
Membership Fee is $100/month ($25/class), with a 3-month minimum commitment. (Installment Plans are available, starting at 0% interest.)

Membership Perks! (Ongoing)

  • Free Physical Copy of the Book for our Current Read
  • Free Access to Melanie’s Women’s Empowerment Sessions, biweekly on select Saturday evenings at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT
  • Free Access to our carefully curated Empowerment Music Playlist
  • Surprise Guests on Special Evenings, including a Licensed Therapist coming on to answer your questions!
  • Celebration Party following the Completion of Each Book, including a Special Prayer of Gratitude, and an opportunity to share your Personal Takeaways & how it has enhanced your life.
  • Certificate of Mastery, following the completion & mastery of Each Foundational & Essential Pillar for Self Love & Transformation covered in the course.  


  • Additionally, another Surprise Free Gift to be revealed in Month 3 of Sign Up!

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For Questions & Inquiries, please contact us:

Email Us: OwningYourPowerNow@gmail.com

Call/Text Melanie: +1-470-546-5810


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Thomas & Melanie, Founders of Owning Your Power NOW!


Melanie Jeffers-Cameron and Thomas Ng met serendipitously at a Personal Development Workshop. At the time, both Melanie and Thomas were serving their separate communities in their own Self Love ministries. 

By the Genius of God, Melanie joined a Personal Development Bookclub Thomas was a part of, and together, the Bookclub quickly became a Spiritual Teaching Platform for them both.

Every Single Bookclub Session was a Group Healing Session!

They surrendered to the Inner Wisdom they had within them, and yielded to the Outpouring of Spiritual Insights that had no choice but to come out!!

The Result of that was a Raw, Vulnerable, Healing Session for everyone in attendance!

After finishing several books and many Group Healing Sessions together, God spoke to Melanie, and said “We need to bring this to the world.” 

Melanie shared this God Insight with Thomas, and his answer was an immediate, without reservations a “YES!!”

Now, as Partners in Teaching & Healing, and Brother and Sister under God,
both Melanie Jeffers-Cameron and Thomas Ng are Committed, Passionate, and Purposefully Driven to bring the SAME LEVEL of Growth, Healing and Transformation experienced in their Bookclub AND MORE to the Growth & Healing family they are now creating in

Owning Your Power NOW!

We are SO EXCITED to Welcome You!


We are passionate about helping you AFFIRM and TAP IN to the POWER you already have within you!

Within this Membership Club, we are committed to helping you Grow & Heal by providing you with Practical Steps for Continued Practice for Remembering Who You Are and Returning to Your Power!

JOIN us and start Owning Your Power NOW!

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Classes start Monday, February 20, 2023!

Your New Growth Family is Ready to Embrace You. 🥰🤗